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To Downsize or Age in Place?

Downsizing, or moving to smaller apartments or condos as the retirement phase approaches is usually the norm. But lately, we’ve seen a shift in this trend. In Canada, approximately half of the Canadian population doesn’t want to move to smaller houses, they want to retire and…

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8 Essential Tips for Downsizing to your New Home!

Downsizing, or “Rightsizing” —  moving to a new, smaller home is never easy. Chances are you will feel like you’re on a roller coaster of emotions as you sort through things you’ve held onto for a major part of your life. But don’t worry, this is an…

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5 Reasons Why Downsizing is the Right Thing to do as Your Retirement Approaches

Downsizing has always been a kind of final chapter of the Canadian middle class – get married and have kids, move to a bigger house and then eventually downsize to a smaller one.

Most people move to a smaller house at some point after…

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