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Navigating your Real Estate Purchase or Sale during COVID-19

Apr 13th, 2020 by: Wendy Bell

We are certainly in uncharted waters during the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world and now finding its way into the Ottawa area. It is definitely a worrisome time, especially if your situation dictates that you have to buy or sell during this troubling and frightening situation!

So how can you buy or sell without risk to your health?  We can help you while keeping you SAFE!

Did you know you can list AND sell your home without anyone setting foot into it until after an offer is accepted? Yes, it can be done! We have the experience, wisdom, knowledge, and skills required to make it happen!

Today’s latest technology and innovations have made it all possible, from virtual open houses and showings, Zoom calls and presentations, it’s all there to help you while still maintaining social distancing!

You’re Safe with Us!  Click here to find out more.

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